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2000Biochemical characterization of neutral trehalase activity in saccharomyces boulardiiAndrade, Antero Silva Ribeiro de; Santos, Raquel Gouvea dos; Nicoli, Jacques R.; Neves, Maria José
2017Effect of gamma radiation on antioxidant capacity of green tea, yerba mate, and chamomile tea as evaluated by different methodsGerolis, Luanai Grazieli Luquini; Lameiras, Fernando Soares; Krambrock, Klaus; Neves, Maria José
2008Effect of the trehalose levels on the screening of yeast as probiotic by in vivo and in vitro assaysMartins, Flaviano S.; Miranda, Ieso C.; Rosa, Carlos A.; Nicoli, Jacques R.; Neves, Maria José
2016Inorganic selenium acts as a sensitizer to ionizing radiation in vivo Saccharomyces cerevisiae cellsPorto, Bárbara A.A.; Moreira, Luciana M. C.; Haddad-Ribeiro, Frederico; Belo, Luiz Cláudio Meira; Neves, Maria José
2016Membrane damage by lipid peroxidation retains the cadmium constraint and is not the primary cause of K+ extrusion in yeastCosta Moreira, Luciana Mara; Porto, Bárbara A. A.; Haddad-Ribeiro, Frederico; Martins, Flaviano Dos Santos; Menezes, Maria Ângela de Barros Correia; Rosa, Carlos Augusto Ugusto; Neves, Maria José
2002Partial characterisation of cholera toxin binding of membranes of saccharomyces boulardiiNeves, Maria José; Etchebehere, L.; Brandão, R. L.; Castro, I.M.; Lima, M.E.; Nicoli, J.R.
2002Physiological diversity and trehalose accumulation in schizosaccharomyces pombe strains isolated from spontaneous fermentations during the production of artesanal Brazilian cachaca.Gomes, Fátima C.O.; Pataro, Carla; Guerra, Juliana B.; Neves, Maria José; Corrêa, Soraya R.; Moreira, Elizabeth S.A.; Rosa, Carlos A.
2016Saccharomyces cerevisiae UFMG A-905 treatment reduces intestinal damage in a murine model of irinotecan-induced mucositisBastos, Rafael Wesley; Pedroso, Silvia Helena Sousa Pietra; Vieira, Angélica Thomáz; Moreira, Luciana M.C.; França, Cassandra S.; Cartelle, Christiane Teixeira; Arantes, Rosa Maria Esteves; Generoso, Simone Vasconcelos; Cardoso, Valbert Nascimento; Neves, Maria José; Nicoli, Jacques Robert; Martins, Flaviano Dos Santos
2005Screening of yeasts as probiotic based on capacities to colonize the gastrointestinal tract and to protect against enteropathogen challenge in miceMartins, Flaviano S.; Nardi, Regina M.D.; Arantes, Rosa M. E.; Rosa, Carlos A.; Neves, Maria José; Nicoli, Jacques R.