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2008Chemical composition of human enamel and dentin. Preliminary results to determination of the effective atomic numberZenóbio, Madelon Aparecida Fernandes; Nogueira, Maria do Socorro; Zenóbio, E.G.; International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA, Fontenay-aux-Roses, France); Sociedad Argentina de Radioprotectión (SAR, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2015Comparison of mean glandular dose values provided by a digital breast tomosynthesis system in BrazilOliveira, Bruno Beraldo; Paixão, Lucas; Silva, Sabrina Donato da; Teixeira, Maria Helena Araújo; Nogueira, Maria do Socorro
2016Correlation between scatter radiation dose at height of operator's eye and dose to patient for different angiographic projectionsLeyton, Fernando; Nogueira, Maria do Socorro; Pivetta, Makyson R.; Gubolino, Luiz Antonio; Ubeda, Carlos
2008Dose levels in medical staff at hemodynamics services in Minas Gerais State, Brazil - preliminary resultsAlmeida Junior, A.T. de; Alonso, Thessa Cristina; Nogueira, Maria do Socorro; Silva, Teógenes Augusto da
2015Dosimetry andimagequalityindigitalmammographyfacilities in theStateofMinasGerais,BrazilSilva, Sabrina Donato da; Joana, Geórgia Santos; Oliveira, Bruno Beraldo; Oliveira, Marcio Alves de; Leyton, Fernando; Nogueira, Maria do Socorro
2016Effective atomic numbers (Zeff) of based calcium phosphate biomaterials: a comparative studyZenóbio, Madelon Aparecida Fernandes; Zenóbio, E.G.; Silva, Teógenes Augusto da; Nogueira, Maria do Socorro
4-Oct-2016Estudo preliminar da determinação da glandularidade de mamas de pacientes submetidas a exames de mamografia digitalPazini, Nayara de Oliveira; Nogueira, Maria do Socorro; Paixão, Lucas; Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
2015Mean glandular dose in six digital mammography services in Santiago, Chile: preliminary referenceLeyton, Fernando; Nogueira, Maria do Socorro; Dantas, Marcelino; Duran, Maria Paz; Ubeda, Carlos
2008Measurement of conversion coefficients between free in air kerma and personnel dose equivalent for diagnostic x-ray beamsRosado, P.H.G; Nogueira, Maria do Socorro
2015Monte Carlo derivation of filtered tungsten anode X-ray spectra for dose computation in digital mammographyPaixão, Lucas; Oliveira, Bruno Beraldo; Viloria, Carolina; Oliveira, Marcio Alves de; Teixeira, Maria Helena Araújo; Nogueira, Maria do Socorro
2004Thermoluminescence response of K2YF5:Tb3+ crystals to photon radiation fieldsFaria, Luiz Oliveira de; Lo, D.; Kui, H.W.; Khaidukov, N.M.; Nogueira, Maria do Socorro