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2007Absorbed doses on patients undergoing tomographic exams for pre-surgery planning of dental implantsZenóbio, Madelon Aparecida Fernandes; Silva, Teógenes Augusto da
2016Assessment of breast absorbed doses during thoracic computed tomography scan to evaluate the effectiveness of bismuth shieldingAlonso, Thessa Cristina; Mourão, Arnaldo P.; Santana, Priscila C.; Silva, Teógenes Augusto da
2008Assessment of dosimetric quantities for patients undergoing x-ray examinations in a larg public hospitals in Brazil - a preliminary studyLacerda, Marco Aurélio de Sousa; Silva, Teógenes Augusto da; Khoury, Helen Jamil
2016Determination of true null electrode spacing of an extrapolation chamber for x-ray dosimetryFigueiredo, M.T. T.; Bastos, F. M.; Silva, Teógenes Augusto da
2008Dose levels in medical staff at hemodynamics services in Minas Gerais State, Brazil - preliminary resultsAlmeida Junior, A.T. de; Alonso, Thessa Cristina; Nogueira, Maria do Socorro; Silva, Teógenes Augusto da
2016Effective atomic numbers (Zeff) of based calcium phosphate biomaterials: a comparative studyZenóbio, Madelon Aparecida Fernandes; Zenóbio, E.G.; Silva, Teógenes Augusto da; Nogueira, Maria do Socorro
2008Implementing the ISO reference radiation at a Brazilian Calibration LaboratoryBaptista Neto, Annibal Theotonio; Soares, Carlos M. A.; Silva, Teógenes Augusto da
2015Monte Carlo simulation applied to the characterization of an extrapolation chamber for beta radiation dosimetryFaria, Fernando P.; Reynaldo, S. R.; Fonseca, Telma Cristina Ferreira; Lacerda, Marco Aurélio S.; Silva, Teógenes Augusto da
2016On the response of electronic personal dosimeters in constant potential and pulsed x- ray beamsGuimarães, Margarete C.; Silva, C.R.E.; Oliveira, P.M.C.; Silva, Teógenes Augusto da
2001Proteção radiológica em clínicas odontológicasZenóbio, Madelon Aparecida Fernandes; Silva, Teógenes Augusto da
2006Radiation dose to children undergoing chest radiography in public and private paediatric hospitals of Belo Horizonte - BrazilLacerda, Marco Aurélio de Sousa; Khoury, Helen J.; Silva, Teógenes Augusto da; Pereira, M.T.; Richa, W.S.; Azevedo, Ana C.P.
2017Radiation levels and image quality in patients undergoing chest X-ray examinationsOliveira, Paulo Márcio Campos de; Santana, Priscila do Carmo; Lacerda, Marco Aurélio de Sousa; Silva, Teógenes Augusto da
2007Radioproteção, dose e risco em exames radiográficos nos seios da face de crianças, em hospitais de Belo Horizonte, MGLacerda, Marco Aurélio de Sousa; Khoury, Helen Jamil; Silva, Teógenes Augusto da; Lacerda, Camila Maria de Sousa; Carmo, Alexandre Ferreira Carmo; Pereira, Márcio Tadeu
2016Reliability of eye lens dosimetry in workers of a positron emission tomography radiopharmaceutical production facilitySilva, Teógenes Augusto da; Guimarães, Margarete C.; Meireles, Leonardo S.; Teles, Luciana L.D.; Lacerda, Marco Aurélio Sousa