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dc.contributor.authorVeloso, Marcelo Antônio^L5056094670853411
dc.coverage.spatialRio de Janeiro^BRJ
dc.description.abstractThe predictions by International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam for Industrial Use (IAPWS) -IF97 formulation are compared with thermodinamic properties values predicted by an alternative crossover equation of state as well as with experimental data found in literature
dc.subjectthermodynamics properties
dc.titleThermodynamic properties of water in the critical region
dc.typeTrabalho Apresentado em Evento
dc.contributor.corporativoAssociação Brasileira de Energia Nuclear (ABEN, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil)
dc.coverage.spatialeventoRio de Janeiro^BRJ^CBrazil
dc.creator.affiliationCentro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear/CDTN, Belo Horizonte, MG/Brasil Sep-2 Oct 2009
dc.title.eventoENFIR Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Physics and Thermal Hydraulics, 16
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