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Title: Support to the identification of anomalies in an external neutron source using Hurst Exponents.
Title of periodic: Progress in Nuclear Energy
Authors: Henrice JR, Edson
Palma, Daniel, A. P
Gonçalves, Alessandro C
Mesquita, Amir Zacarias
Affiliation: Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil.
Comissão Nacional de Energia Nuclear, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil.
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil.
Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear/CDTN, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil.
Issue Date: 2017
Keywords: Neutron flux;fractional diffusion;fractional derivative;Spurious beam
Abstract: A new methodology is proposed here to identify anomalies in the neutron flux as a result neutron production trips in an Accelerator Driven System - ADS type reactor. This methodology is based on the calculation of Hurst exponents, where the neutron flux as monitored in the reactor core is treated as a temporal series. In several recent articles, related to fractional diffusion, the Hurst exponent is used as an estimate for the order of the fractional derivative. Our object of study considered a reactor based on the Myrrha simulated with the Serpent Monte Carlo code for two kinds of trips occurred in the production of neutrons, as follows: a Peak of Production (PP), the Unprotected* Accelerator Beam Overpower (UABO), and the spurious Beam Trip (BT). In order to estimate the Hurst exponent it was used two different methods, namely the Rescaled Range Analysis (R/S) and the Detrended Fluctuation Analysis Method (DFA). The results obtained showed that the R/S methodology had some advantages in a comparison with the DFA in indicating the occurrence of those anomalies. Also being able to provide a scale for the assessment of the intensity of the trip occurred, showing to be an useful tool to support anomaly identification in the neutron flux of ADS reactors.
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