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Title: W-Skarns from rubelita, Northern Minas Gerais State, Brazil: fluids related to lithological evolution
Title of periodic: Revista Brasileira de Geociências
Authors: Rios, Francisco Javier
Fuzikawa, Kazuo
Neves, José Marques Correia
Villas, Raemundo Netuno Nobre
Affiliation: Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear/CDTN
Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear/CDTN, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil
Centro de Desenvolvimento da Tecnologia Nuclear/CDTN, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil
Universidade Federal da Paraíba/UFPA, Belémi, PA, Brasil
Issue Date: 2000
Keywords: Rubelita;Araçuaí;Minas Gerais;fluid inclusions
Abstract: In the southern vyroxene, amphibole and grossular) and apatite bearing quartz veins occur. These rocks were intruded by pegmatitic granitoids and muscovitebiotite granites now cropping out in the area. Microthermometry and micro-Raman analyses of early (primary?) fluid inclusions in quartz, titanite and grossular from calc-silicate matrix and quartz veins indicate the presence of nitro-carbonic phases. They consist of variable proportions of CH4 and N2 (XCH4 = 0.35 - 1.0; XN2 = 0.0 - 0.65). At a later stage, percolation of aquo-carbonic fluid in microfractures originated secondary fluid inclusions. This low salinity fluid is CO2 dominated (XCO2 =0.95 - 1.0) with N2 and CH in trace amounts. These solutions have been studied in quartz veins of the calc-silicate rocks and presented fO2 between 10-36 and 10-37 bars, formed under 1500 bar pressure and temperatures between 200 and 300ºC. It is assumed that the O2 increase in the fluids is a consequence of muscovite-biotite-granitoid intrusion. Although direct fluid inclusions study on scheelite crystals have not been feasible, the tungstate precipitation from these late aquo-carbonic solutions was estimated, based on paragenetic relations. These fluids may have originated from granitoids bodies and may probably have reacted with the host schists leaching Ca and Fe from them.
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