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Title: Program of research and development on the thorium utilization in PWRs. Final report (1979-1988)
Issue Date: 1988
Keywords: Fuel cycle;fuel pellets;fuel rods;international cooperation;mixed oxide fuels;nuclear fuels;PWR type reactors;technology transfer;thorium oxides;uranium dioxide
Abstract: Detailed investigations performed for a standard 1,300 MWe PWR show that (Th,U)02 and (Th,PU)02 fuels can be inserted in 3 and 4 cycle operating schemes without modifications in the fuel assembly or core design. The most important aspects of the fuel cycle have been covered. Ex-gel pelletizinz of (Th,U)02 fuel making use of available LWR and HTR fuel manufacturing technology was demonstrated. The most promising application for Th-based fuels at present was proved to be the use of recycle plutonium in extended burnup once-through fuel cycle. The program was performed in a cooperative way between Brazilian and German partners.
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