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Title: Program of research and development of the thorium utilization in PWRs. Final report for phase 1 (1973-1983)
Issue Date: 1984
Keywords: Thorium;PWR type reactors;nuclear fuels;fuel elements;reprocessing;thorex process
Abstract: The major results of the Phase 1(1979-1983) of the program TH-Utilization in PWRs are presented and discussed. The investigations show that the standard KWU-PWR can accomodate (Th,U))2 and (Th,Pu)02 fuel without changes in the fuel element design in 3 and 4-batch operation scheme without penalties in the reactor performance. An advanced fuel fabrication scheme using direct pellet pressing out of ex-gel microspheres has been developed on laboratory scale. The (Th,U))2 test fuel produced satisfies PWR-specifications and is currently undergoing irradiation testing. Cold laboratory investigations indicate that the (Th,U)02 PWR-fuel can be reprocessed using presently known technology including the chop-leach technique and modified THOREX extraction process. Based on the results of the Phase 1, recommendation for program continuation has been formulated.
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